Bringing light to those in the dark night
Giving hope to the sick and suffering
Radiating love to those at the end of the road

  • A Beacon of Light Giving Hope, Love And Care To Those Suffering From Cancer

    To support poor cancer patients regardless of race and religion in the treatment of cancer.

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Pure Lotus Cancer Foundation reaches out to cancer patients.

Cancer is a dreaded disease. When the doctor first pronounced that “you have cancer “ it is like the floor beneath you has opened up.

Cancer brings fear of death, fear of pain, fear of suffering, and fear of fear itself. In the midst of these confusing emotions, you go through the gamut of tests and their confusing results. On top of it all, you are advised treatment which is a financial burden on an already depressed and stressed mind.

Pure Lotus Cancer Foundation hopes to be the light to those in the dark night. We help them financially by paying for their treatment.

Jessie Ooi

An eleven year old girl with osteosarcoma of left tiba.

She was diagnosed in 2011 and had an lengthening endoprothesis ,ie the prothesis is lengthened as the child grows.

The prosthesis has reached its maxium length and she needed a change of prosthesis in2015.The new prosthesis costs RM40,000 plus. The father was unable to raise the money . She walks with a limp as her left leg is shorter than the right.

She was referred to us in late 2016 and the Foundation decided to help her by paying for the prosthesis. She will be going to UMMC for the surgery in January 2017.