Bringing light to those in the dark night
Giving hope to the sick and suffering
Radiating love to those at the end of the road

  • A Beacon of Light Giving Hope, Love And Care To Those Suffering From Cancer

    To support poor cancer patients regardless of race and religion in the treatment of cancer.

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A beacon of light giving hope ,love and care to those suffering from cancer.

Our Mission

To support Pure Lotus Hospice and other Organisations  caring for cancer.
To  support poor cancer patients regardless of  race and religion in the treatment of cancer
To empower the sick, the old and poor to have a better quality of life

Our Values

The Foundation -

  1. Respects each individual regardless of race, religion, intellectual or socio-economic standing.
  2. Values life and does not support any action that has the intention of shortening a person’s life ,allowing the natural process of dying.
  3. Respects the faith, belief system and culture of each individual.
  4. Believes in empowerment of the individual , the family and community to healthy living.